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Re: Inquiry:Disk full issue?

hadi motamedi schreef:
Dear All
Can you please do me favor and let me know how can I clean my Debian server disk as it is near to running disk full ? Please find below my current disk usage report :

root@HP001CC42A6011:/tmp# df -m

Filesystem 1M-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on

rootfs 456 316 117 74% /

/dev/root 456 316 117 74% /

/dev/root 456 316 117 74% /dev/.static/dev

tmpfs 4 4 1 79% /dev

/dev/hda5 17 9 7 56% /mnt

tmpfs 443 1 443 1% /tmp

tmpfs 100 2 99 2% /var/log

tmpfs 443 0 443 0% /dev/shm

Can you please let me know how can I free up more space on my Debian HDD ?
You're talking about the 74% root? Since your /var/cache, /home and /usr are not separate partitions (and they're usually the space-fillers), how much space does each of these directories use? For /var/cache, an 'aptitude clean' might do wonders, for /home or /usr, its you who has to do some cleaning exercises.
Anyway, start with a
 du --summarize -h /home
and similar for /var/cache and /usr. If these dirs are not the problem, there are some other options (eg. /var/spool), but these are far less likely if you're not running eg. a mail server.


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