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About getting videos from youtube

Dear users,

I am the maintainer of the youtube-dl package and, unfortunately, due to
a decision of the release team, it won't migrate to the testing
distribution (and, as a consequence, it will not be part of a stable

The package is, OTOH, quite stable, and I use it everyday, without any
problems (and so are the people using it already).

For those that don't know, the package is meant to grab (store) videos
from youtube (even videos in 1080p resolution!) and it can automatically
download a given video in the best resolution available.

So, I would love if more people used it and informed me of potential
problems that they may run across.

The package is at: http://packages.debian.org/sid/youtube-dl and any
feedback is warmly appreciated.

Regards, Rogério Brito.

P.S.: Please, keep me in CC'ies, as I am not subscribed to -user.
Rogério Brito : rbrito@{ime.usp.br,gmail.com} : GPG key 1024D/7C2CAEB8
http://rb.doesntexist.org : Packages for LaTeX : algorithms.berlios.de
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