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Re: Problem accessing some websites

So after some days of research  I tough the problem come from xen....
I've just forgot to tell you the system was running on Xen. Really big
mistake sorry :)

I configure on my dom0 the pppoe connection and it works fine. All
wget on all websites where i have access problem works fines.  It
looks like I have some packet lost between dom0 and my firewall
(inside domU).

here is the "brctl show" command if someone saw something strange, tell me.

# brctl show
bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
brdmz           8000.00163e3a45d7       no              veth0
brlocal         8000.00163579dcc3       no              eth0
brnet           8000.000000000000       no

These bridges are defined by this startup script :

modprobe netloop nloopbacks=2
brctl addbr brlocal
brctl addbr brdmz
brctl addbr brnet
ip link set eth0 down
ip link set veth0 down
ip addr flush dev eth0
ip addr flush dev veth0
ip link set addr 00:16:3e:3a:45:d7 dev veth0
brctl addif brlocal eth0
brctl addif brdmz veth0
ip addr add broadcast dev brlocal
ip addr add broadcast dev brdmz
ip link set eth0 arp off
ip link set eth0 multicast off
ip link set veth0 arp off
ip link set veth0 multicast off
ip link set brlocal up
ip link set brdmz up
ip link set eth0 up
ip link set veth0 up

   * brnet is not actually used
   * the pppoe connection is done by this way  : firewall (eth1)
--xen_bridged_to-->   Dom0 (eth0)  --manually-bridged-to--> physical
   * others vm can access this physical interface. Shutting down these
vm do not correct problem.

Thanks for your time.


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