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Mythfilldatabase problem in MythTV 0.22 from debian-multimedia


I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, so any
pointers to the right place would be welcomed. 

Since switching from the stable to the unstable branch of the
debian-multimedia repository a few days ago in order to get MythTV 0.22,
whenever I run mythfilldatabase, the following error is produced:

XMLTV requires a Date::Manip timezone of +0000 to work properly.
Current Date::Manip timezone is wet.
FillData, Error: xmltv returned error code 65280

It makes no difference what I set my timezone to, which makes me think
it is a bug in mythfilldatabase, but if anyone has ideas for a fix I'm
all ears since at the moment I'm getting no new program listings on my
Myth system.

This is an up-to-date Sid Athlon64 system as of today.  I'll gladly
provide any other information required.


"We don't have to protect the environment -- the Second Coming is at hand."
		-- James Watt

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