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Upgrading OO.o, right hand doesn't know what left hand is doing

Updating my testing system this morning, I noticed that OpenOffice was
being upgraded, so I shut down my open spreadsheet.  When configuring
openoffice.org-writer2latex, aptitude complained "OpenOffice.org is
running right now. This can cause problems with (de-)registration of
components and extensions.  You should close all running instances of
OpenOffice.org (including any currently running Quickstarter) before
proceeding with the package upgrade."  So I opened a root terminal,
did 'ps aux | grep office', found soffice.bin running, killed it, and
proceeded.  A little later, aptitude complained again of
OpenOffice.org running.  As I was watching the upgrade output, I saw
docvert REstart OpenOffice, so that soffice.bin was running again!  I
killed it again and the upgrade proceeded without further incident.

I've submitted a bug report against docvert (there being some 32
packages associated with OO.o!!  I knew it was bloatware, but 32?!)
This is just FYI should someone else encounter the same issue.


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