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Re: New to Debian

Hi Rob

I did what you say but the installer does not give a LILO option, it only
warns that the system will not boot without GRUB and forced me to choose
YES... Am thinking on making a new installation to findout how to use the
expert mode, perhaps in such way I will be able to make a more detailed
installation that allows me to choose LILO too...

Thanks for your response.

Take care,

>> 4) Is it possible to install LILO instead of GRUB? I know it is better
>> and
>> advanced, but I like LILO... would it be safe to install it without
>> breaking some kind of dependence?
> When the installer asks if you want to install GRUB, I think you can say
> "no" or "cancel" and you will get an option to install LILO.  If you
> want to install LILO after your installation, you can do that too.
> -Rob

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