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Re: migrate to new system disk

On Thursday 03 December 2009 03:34 am, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> I'll look into Mondorescue.  What is its preferred backup media?  Only
> storage devices I have on the box are an HD and 3.5 floppy.
> I was really hoping I could just go disk-disk and be done with it, using
> something like ghost, or just mirroring the old disk, then breaking the
> mirror and run with the new disk.  I used to do that alot back in my
> Winders days.
> I guess none of the Linux mirroring utilities will work for this since
> no one has suggested it?

Mondorescue will back up to whatever you have.  Mailservers are not as simple 
as we see them.  

If you want to, try going disk to disk with a utility look at the partition 
magic software suite. Just remember that your mail server needs to be down 
when you are cloning the system.

Best of luck,


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