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Re: Unstable, LVM and Grub2: "error: you need to load the kernel first"

>> >>at the moment 'grub-pc' is broken in sid. When you have a separate /boot
>> >>partition, the package generates a wrong '/boot/grub/grub.cfg'. Look at
>> >>the BTS for bug #558042. There is also the workaround for the problem.

>> I ran across the same problem, but I am running mdraid RAID 1, which
>> complicates matters, and root (/) is on an LVM2 volume.

> do you get grub? and where is /boot (I'm assuming it's on RAID but not
> lvm)?

> Based on what others have written, editting the grub entries from the
> grub command line should do the trick. Point grub at the right device
> and partitions and it should just work.

If you are getting to the grub cli, you need to insmod the raid/lvm
modules depending on whether you use raid/lvm for /boot before running
the root-linux-initrd-boot sequence.

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