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Re: Does email server OS needs clamav?

Hi, Sthu:

On Wednesday 02 December 2009 16:38:43 Sthu Deus wrote:
> Good day.
> Do I need clamav mail check on mail server


> - if I would leave it to 
> end-client antiviruses.


> In other words, will it hurt the server some way 
> and therefore the clamav should be on every mail server -


> as it protests 
> the server OR I can easily drop it to the end users (to be checked at their
> machines) - the every letter they get? -

Yes, you can.

> What does clamav protects: the 
> email server or the end user (at its own machine)?

Neither one.  It just tag and (possible) strip out messages.  If that 
means "protect" and to what extent depends on your own context and 

> PS I want to remove it because I suppose that in case clamav blesses users'
> life and not server's -

Uh?  You have servers in first place to bless users' lifes.  Every single 
server you have.

> by removing clamav I can close one potential 
> security whole.

By removing your server's MTA and let the end users to deal with mail transfer 
you'll certainly close another one so your point is, again?

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