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Re: NetBeans in contrib

In <[🔎] 6b1504c40912020246o3d9755b8w9058e6119aa868d7@mail.gmail.com>, Nuno 
Magalhães wrote:
>On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 08:45, Lars Tennstedt <oss@larstennstedt.de> wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me why
>> NetBeans-IDE is placed in contrib? It depends on the NetBeans-Plattform
>> from contrib and this depends on OpenJDK 6 from main.
>I think it's because it's developed by an external party and not
>specifically for Debian. If it were to depend on java-sun6-jdk or
>whatever the package is, it would be in non-free though-

No.  Packages in main must not Depend (and should not Recommend) any package 
from contrib or non-free and must be DFSG-Free.  Packages in contrib must be 
DFSG-Free but have few restrictions on Dependencies (they should be 
installable and useful without non-Debian-hosted repositories though).  
Packages in non-free must be distributable by Debian, but need not be DFSG-

It's probably that a previous NetBeans-Platform version had a non-free 
Dependency and the maintainer is still uploading it to the wrong queue.  Or, 
the might be some special process needed to transition a package from contrib 
to main that hasn't been completed yet.

I suggest downloading the .deb and trying to install it in a clean main-only 
system.  If that works, a wishlist bug is appropriate.
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