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Re: virus on linux?

On Tuesday 01 December 2009 03:37:23 pm Alex Samad wrote:

> Interestingly no one has mentioned selinux (or the suse equiv).

You mean harden_suse ? It works great, and is probably one of the easier to 
use ones. And not only that, you can easily reverse it if something breaks 
after you've done it (Like if you used an app that needed certain access and 
it stopped that from happening, it actually gives you a full run down of 
everything it does, everything it did to your machine, and lets you reverse 
some or all of it).

> Personally I don't like selinux - real pain to configure properly.  But
> I was thinking of looking at it again especially after this slashdot
> http://ask.slashdot.org/story/09/12/01/0025213/Ethics-of-Releasing-Non-Mali

It's not that it's super hard, I mean, you can get a little GUI window that 
has point and click easy to use stuff, but it doesn't really go into detail 
either if you're interested in that sort of thing.  I think Fedora still ha 
some weird app that gives you a point and drool interface (Point and click 
doesn't quite describe how it looked to me, so I went with the drool one lol) 
But it is easy for someone who just wants to lock a few things down without 
learning how.

> somebody has done a proof of concept worm for linux.

The first worm was for Unix, so it's not a huge stretch to make them on Linux. 
I even remember a worm that did nothing but patch a hole that let it in in 
the first place which was neat, but still something that you'd probably lose 
sleep over.

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