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Re: copying files from home directory on one machine to directory on another machine

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 09:42:23PM +0200, Alexander Kaphuk wrote:
> G'day,
> I'd appreciate somebody pointing me where to look for info on how to  
> copy files from a home directory on one machine to a directory on  
> another machine via network.
> I've got about 100GB of data I need to copy from my desktop running  
> ubuntu 9.04 on to a laptop running Debian Squeeze which are both at my 
> home.
> I'm not even sure how to word it in just a few words so I can google it.
> Thanking you all in advance.
> Alexander Kapshuk.
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Add rsync :)

Call the user Alex and the machines One and Two for this example []

If you can ssh from One to Two

ssh alex@One Two


ssh -l alex

mkdir mynewfiles


On One

cd myfiles

rsync -pavz --delete .

[Copies from the current directory . to the distant directory].

-pavz - preserves permissions, archive, verbose, will try to compress files in transit if appropriate

If you don't have rsync, you can use scp -r to recursively copy almost identically - but the nice thing about
rsync is that it will restart cleanly, deleting partially copied files and preserves an internal manifest of which files 
are up to date. If your 100GB is subject to change in mid transfer, rsync will copy only the files which have changed 
and catch up.

Hope this helps,

All the best,


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