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Problem accessing some websites


Three weeks ago I had a debian 4 on my network acting as a gateway
with ppp/pppoe. I install from scratch a new debian 5 on this computer
last week.
Since, I experience problem accessing some websites with a timeout for
error, or the browser (firefox or ie) indefinitely load the page and
never display it.

First i re-install from scratch the debian thinking it could  be an
installation problem. But problem persist.
Then, I do some search on web and different list and I found i could
be a MTU related problem, so i try different configuration in my ppp
"dsl-provider" file but nothing good happen. I disable iptables on the
box and nothing better too.

Unfortunately, my adsl modem was destroyed last week and I buy a new
one and then the same problem happen.
When I use another router or another computer (winXP) to establish the
pppoe session it works fine for all websites...

Someone have any idea on whats going on ?

Thanks for your help


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