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On Access Virus Scanner Recommendation

Hi to everybody,

I'm thinking about using NOD32 on a Debian Lenny system for on
access virus scanning (i.e. scan a file when it's created and/or its
contents are modified in some way).

I'm aware that there's the Dazuko module, but allegedly it doesn't
seem to support NFSv3 or NFSv4 file systems since NFS uses socket
communication to write files not "ordinary" file system calls and
Dazuko can only intercept these.

So, my questions are:

- Which virus scanner capable of performing on acces scanning would
  you recommend for a central file server running Debian Lenny
  offering FTP, OpenAFS, NFSv4 and SSH/SCP access?
- Is Dazuko a recommended solution? If so, which version? (I ask this
  because there are several available by now)
- If not, what would be possible and practical alternatives for
  Dazuko and/or NOD32?
Thanks in advance for any hints & kind regards,

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