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Re: Nautilus messed up in testing

On Fri November 20 2009 06:03:18 pm John Jason Jordan wrote:
> This morning I did a fresh install of testing amd64 to a new hard drive
> in an effort to move to Debian from Ubuntu. This is actually my second
> time around; the first time was a month ago. Unfortunately I managed to
> mess up my window manager and after several days could not get it
> fixed. I needed the computer for other things, so I put the old hard
> disk with Jaunty back in and decided to reinstall from scratch later.
> That later is now. However, the first time around I discovered that
> Nautilus was messed up. If you click on Preferences it will crash. You
> can't create bookmarks either. At the time of my first installation I
> queried here and some kind soul informed me that it was a bug and that
> the only solution was to wait for a the new version.

I noticed the preferences in testing weren't working to. In my case I 
installed unstable and that fixed the problem for me.

What I usually do when I run testing is to have both testing and unstable in 
my /etc/apt/sources.list and I have this in /etc/apt/apt.conf

APT::Default-Release "testing";

That way if I do have a problem I can always install the version from 
unstable. I have found that in most cases that will solve the problem. You 
need to select the version from unstable yourself, the versions available are 
listed in the package details in aptitude.

It is still testing/unstable though, and stuff can happen there.. :)

> OK, fine, but it's really annoying. I understand this is testing and
> bugs are to be expected. What I'd like to find out is what is the
> progress on the new version that will supposedly fix the problems. Or
> maybe I can install a release candidate of the new version. Or install
> an older version that at least works.

http://www.debian.org/Bugs is where you can find info about all the bugs in 

reportbug is a good tool to use to report any bugs you may find, it will list 
all outstanding bugs before the actual report is made so you can see if it 
has already been reported.

> Unfortunately I seem to have deleted the e-mails from a month ago where
> I asked about it. Can someone steer me to the place where bugs are
> logged for Debian?

I might suggest you just move up to unstable, but that is a choice you need to 
make. Testing is a lot like unstable but packages don't move into testing 
from unstable until they are 10 days old with no RC bugs reported against 
them. If a package does have bugs it won't move into testing and that can be 
a problem if other apps depend on it. That's why I have both testing and 
unstable in my sources.list.

Anyway, just some stuff for you to think about.. :)

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