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Re: what's your favourite FLOSS?

On 05 Nov 2009, Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:
> Here's a template where you can fill in your favourites If something
> doesn't fit in any of the categories, put it under misc utilities.
> Please don't add what you haven't really used. You can include more
> than one entrant per category.
desktop environment OR window manager: Icewm

e-mail client: Mutt

file manager: mc

ftp client: sitecopy

games: crafty

image creator/editor: imagemagic, gimp

image viewer: feh, gqview

misc utilities: aumix, shorewall, get_iplayer, xsane, tesseract-ocr,


package manager: wajig

pdf/ps-reader: xpdf

spreadsheet: gnumeric

terminal emulator: xterm

text editor: vim

video player: mplayer, vlc

web browser: iceweasel, dillo

word-processor: abiword, open-office


anything deserving great honours (EG. Linux, GCC): vim

any organisation/community deserving great honours (EG. GNU, Debian):

any FLOSS developer deserving great honours (max 5 at most, unless you insist): Bram Moolenaar
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