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results: debian-user's favourite FLOSS (2009)


Following is the results of a poll that has been running for over a
week, one which questions readers of debian-user to list their
favourite FLOSS -> Free (Libre) or Open Source Software.

There's the usual stars in the form of Firefox/Iceweasel, GIMP,
aptitude, and OpenOffice.org's word processor. There still isn't
competition for the audio editor, Audacity and there's the usual
category killers in the form of K3b (disc burner), Pidgin (instant
messenger), and MPlayer (movie player). KTorrent also got quite a
following while Okular (pdf reader) looks like the hot new kid on the

One other thing, which is biased considering this is a Debian list,
Debian wins again as the most respected community/organisation in the
entire FLOSS landscape.

Listed below is entries which received at least 3 votes; for anything
else, please do search the archive. If specific entrants won before,
I've listed the year(s) when.

audio editor:
    audacity [2005-2008] x6 votes

audio player:
    amarok [2005, 2007, 2008] x6 votes
    mplayer x3
    rhythmbox x3

    abcde x4

    sqlite x3
    postgresql x3

desktop environment OR window manager:
    KDE4 [2007] x5
    GNOME [2005-2008] x4

    emacs [2008] x3

disc burner:
    k3b [2005-2008] x8
    wodim x5

e-mail client:
    mutt [2006-2008] x5
    icedove/thunderbird [2005] x3
    claws-mail x3

file manager:
    mc [2005, 2006] x6
    bash x3

ftp client:
    mc, wget x3

    wesnoth [2008] x3

image creator/editor:
    gimp [2005-2008] x11
    inkscape x4

image viewer:
    gqview [2006] x3
    gpicview x3

instant messenger:
    pidgin [2005-2008] x4
    irssi x3

misc utilities:
    screen [2007, 2008] x3

    ktorrent [2008] x7

package manager:
    aptitude 11 [2005-2008]
    apt 7
    synaptic 3

    okular, xpdf x6
    evince [2006, 2007, 2008] x5

    OOo [2006-2008] x8

terminal emulator:
    gnome-terminal [2005, 2006] x3
    xterm x3

text editor:
    emacs x7
    vim [2006-2008] x5

video player:
    mplayer [2005-2008] x8
    vlc x4

web browser:
    iceweasel/firefox [2005-2008] x12

    OOo [2006-2008] x12
    emacs (latex) x3

    skype [2008] x3

any organisation/community deserving great honours:
    Debian [2008] x11
    GNU x4
    FSF, Linux x3

this year has had probably the worst participation since I've started
this poll in 2005 :-(

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