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Re: Log rotation time?

On Tue, 10 Nov 2009 12:48:21 +0800, Jerome BENOIT
> Hello VR,
> actually it is configured in `/etc/crontab' , see crontab(1) crontab(5)
> cron(8) with man for further details:

Thanks for this. Based on an earlier list reply I was able to set it
before midnight my time last night so it is resolved.

> I guess it is a good idea to adapt the configuration with respect to the
> use of the computer.
> If you box is a laptop, you may consider to install anachron.

It is on my syslog receiver for a relatively low volume mail server.

> For some people, like me, minnight is really not appropriate :-)

I would be interested to hear "why" it would not be appropriate in your
case because perhaps you've got a scenario that might apply to me now or in
the future. I can see high volume being a factor if logs grow so large per
minute/hour/day they become unmanageable? But I am interested to know your

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