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Re: gnome-shell and Debian

On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 15:44, Michael Ott <michael@king-coder.de> wrote:
> Hello Wang!
>> > Does anyone tested gnome-shell on sid?
>> It works fine, but I can't find how to adjust sound volume.
> What have you done to get it work. When i try to start it with
> gnome-shell --replace I got an black screen and can see some icons but
> when I try to press on an icon I see nothing but a black screen
Oh, I did nothing more than aptitude install gnome-shell and
$ gnome-shell --replace, and everything seems work well.
I tried to start from both metacity and compiz as the original
window-manager, and didn't get any problem.

If you see a black screen, does it mean nautilus crashes?
Can you launch nautilus by Alt-F2?

> CU
>  Michael
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Wang Long

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