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Re: a cautionary tale w/ successful recovery

On Fri, Nov 06, 2009 at 04:40:36PM -0700, Paul E Condon wrote:
> On 20091107_090413, Alex Samad wrote:
> > On Fri, Nov 06, 2009 at 11:40:06AM -0700, Paul E Condon wrote:
> > > On 20091104_075158, Paul E Condon wrote:
> > > > On 20091103_114547, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:


> > 
> > can you please provide the steps you need for this
> > 
> > I have 
> > aptitude -F "%p %M" search '~i' |tr -s ' '|sed 's/ A$/+M/' >>
> > /var/backups/package-list
> > 
> > but what about the package config information ??? how do I save that 
> This hack is _not_ a full backup system. You need a backup system that
> backs up all your personal files _and_ all the system files that you

yeah currently do a rdiff-backup / backupserver::/system so I get every
thing, but I am guessing saving package listing and package conf - not
etc stuff - but the stuff that you are asked when installing a package
(debconf I think) would be good to backup.

Even though I have every thing backed  up, I would still like to
re-install and reconfig as needed

> have configured. The genesis of this thread was the question: what to
> do, in addition to that, in order to record what software packages
> were installed? For that question, I have heard several suggestions,
> e.g. dpkg --get-selections.
> Most backups systems that I have looked at don't specify what,
> exactly, should be backed-up. I believe that the great bulk of files
> in /var are not important to me when I am rebuilding a crashed
> system. Or rebuilding a system that I have so messed up, that I have
> decided to do a reinstall. So, I think that putting something that is
> important to me in /var is not so good an idea. The suggestion to put
> packages-list in /etc/apt seems better to me. But, on my systems, I
> actually put it into /root/package-list, because I am already doing a
> full backup of /root, daily.
> For rebuilding, after doing a netinstall, I use
> # aptitude install $(cat /db2/<...>/root/package-list )
> where <...> is a long string to where the backup files are actually kept.
> Then I overwrite /etc with:
> # cp -a /db2/<...>/etc/* /etc
> This overwrites all the config stuff that was just built by aptitude
> with the original config from that file backup on disk /db2
> But it doesn't quite work, as was explained earlier.

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