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Re: gdb-doc package in non-free repository

On Friday 06 November 2009 10:42:21 Jason Filippou wrote:
> I was wondering whether there was any sort of explanation for this.
> The way I see it here:
> http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=gdb-doc
> gdb-doc is situated in the non-free repository for all branches,
> whereas gdb is free software and, as such, included within the main
> repository.

The license used for the GDB documentation is the GNU FDL, with the GNU 
Manifesto being an invariant section. The GNU FDL is not DFSG-free when the 
option to include invariant sections is used.  In addition, debian-legal has 
other issues with the GNU FDL and recommends against its use.  Debian 
recommends that you license your documentation under the same license as the 
source code.  At the very least, this allows examples to be put in the 
documentation that are based on (or copied directly from) the source code.

I think a google search using the keywords "Debian GNU-free-documentation-
license" should give you some good hits for further reading.
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