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Re: Re: configure xorg

abdelkader belahcene:
> I often install debian (the most recent now,  lenny, may be testing too)  on
> different machines, for students (in general on laptop), so the problem is
> general one, not for a particular video card.

If you have a general problem, try the general solution of learning how
to identify the hardware and how to adapt the xorg.conf accordingly.
Whatever your problem is, you most probably need to tweak only a few

AFAICS on http://wiki.debian.org/NewInLenny, lenny should already
include the ability to run without an xorg.conf. If some part of the
autoconfiguration doesn't succeed, you only need to include the relevant
section in your xorg.conf. The file doesn't need to be complete.

> When the device is detected by an onlive CD, I want to copy this file to the
> installed debian.

Well, you already learnt that in many cases there is no xorg.conf to
copy anymore, so obviously your approach won't work. Try another one,
like the one I proposed above.

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