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How to set localhost name?

Phil Roan put forth on 11/4/2009 12:45 PM:
> When I installed debian, I set the local host name on my computer to
> local2.  For a long time, everything was fine.  Recently, I'm getting
> mail returned to me when I send it to Windows Live Hotmail accounts.
> I think the problem is that my mail program (Mutt, with Exim 4 as MTA)
> is adding the local host name to some of the headers.  Since the local
> host name is different that my ISP name, WLH flags it as suspect mail.
> How can I reset (or unset) local host?
> Thanks.

First, show us the error message.   2nd, if you are relaying through
Earthlink's SMTP servers, especially so if using SMTP AUTH, then I doubt
MS is outright rejecting your messages due to an originating hostname in
the header of local2.local2

Paste the NDA here, we'll go from there.


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