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Re: a cautionary tale w/ successful recovery

Paul E Condon <pecondon <at> mesanetworks.net> writes:
> My suggestion is:
> # aptitude -F "%p %M" search '~i' |tr -s ' '|sed 's/ A$/+M/' > package-list
> followed by (without change except for fixing the missing "k"  
> # aptitude install $(cat package-list)
> I haven't actually tested this. It is just what I think would work
> from reading the aptitude documentation. By later today I may be able
> to do some tests without trashing one of my systems. The theory is
> Question: Where would be a good place for the file, package-list,
> within the Debian way? In /etc/apt/ ? Or /var/backups/ ? Elsewhere?

I think it should go in /etc/apt.  Also, Aptitude should save an up-to-date
copy of the file every time you run an "aptitude install" or "aptitude upgrade"

It would be wonderful if someone could test that:  it'd be difficult for me to
test, so I don't volunteer.  And then if someone could file a feature request
against aptitude asking them to implement this, or better yet, write a patch.


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