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Re: ldap over ssl help

On Nov 4, 2009, at 5:41 AM, vitaminx wrote:

I'm trying to setup a secure ldap server, it works fine over the standard port 389 now. but since i access the server remotely i'd like to use ldap over ssl over port 636. however i can't find any howto's for setting that up on debian (i'm working on testing). so i would be happy if anyone has
good links or can give me some hints on how to set it up.

This was pretty helpful for me:


And of course, the official docs. The Quick Start Guide is a must:


As for the SSL bits, you'll need a certificate. If you don't plan on purchasing one, there are some good HowTos here:


Keep in mind that you can use Start TLS on port 389 (which is what I always do). You don't have to use SSL on 636.

Rob McBroom

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