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Samba --- Can't see files in konqueror or nautulus


I have update my samba server with the latest version 3.2.5 on Debian - lenny and i have a problem.

I can see the shares (including the Samba shares)  from an XP workstation.
I can't see any shares on my Linux Debian Box.
I have tryed Konquerer and Nautilus.
I do as a normal user : - Network servers - I get Windows network and then an empty screen

If i do it with smbmount - i can mount the drives:
#! /bin/bash
echo " "

mount -t smbfs -o password=**** //Enterprise/Fotos /var/mnt2
cp -rv /var/mnt2/* /var/Fotos

this works !

But if i do a smbtree -b

I get nothing

Can anybody tell me what is changed in samba so the Workgroup is not visuabel from a Linux system, but is still visual from a XP-computer!

PS I have done a clean install of Debian Lenny to my laptop.

Including Samba. And the same problem overthere nothing in Nautulus.

When I use SMB4K I get nothing at first

If i search on a hostname

The hostname is found, and i can browse it under the tab network

So its possible to connect but why can i not see it under Samba

Please some help.



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