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fetchmail -v

I am having issue with email, my /var/log/mail.err is full of socket errors 
over the weekend.
Tech support said to try fetchmail -v
from the command line. My problem is, my fetchmailrc file has many entries for 
users, none local, so I don't think I can run fetchmail from the command 

anyone know how to run fetchmail in VERBOSE mode, from the fetchmailrc method?
what I get from the command line is:
# fetchmail -v
fetchmail: WARNING: Running as root is discouraged.
fetchmail: no mailservers have been specified.

when I run it as my local user I get:
$ fetchmail -v MAIL_SERVER
Enter password for pbc@MAIL_SERVER: 

pbc is my local user on my box, not my email user..

what /var/log/mail.err is telling me is:
Nov  1 04:53:13 paulandcilla fetchmail[4950]: socket error while fetc
hing from USER@MY_DOMAIN.com@EMAIL_SERVER.com 

Paul Cartwright
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Registered Ubuntu User #12459

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