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Re: Disabling the timeout in Expect

Mike Ayers wrote:

>> am writing a script which may need to sit and wait for many hours or
>> even
>> days for a response without timing out.  Barring some way to disable
>> the timeout, what is the maximum value which can be set for the
>> timeout?
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> check out
> http://oreilly.com/catalog/expect/chapter/ch03.html
> it looks like a timeout value of -1 will tell it to wait forever
> hope this helps

        Thanks.  That link came up in Google every time I did a search, but I
could never get it to go beyond the first page.  I'm not sure why. 
>From a vague memory, I did try setting the timeout to -1, but it didn't
seem to work.  The script still was bombing after a few seconds.  For
reasons not related to this issue, I have abandoned Expect for this
project.  I may come back to it just out of curiosity to find why and
how it was failing.

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