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Re: wifi

* peter bouchard <zell992004@gmail.com> [2009 Nov 01 19:27 -0600]:
> Hello
> I am new to the debian scene and i have no idea how to get the wifi
> suport i have looked online and cannot find anything. if you could
> please send me a link to a site that has a tutorial or please send me
> one. thank you very much and i like your operating system very much
> thank you verey much

I've had excellent success with the wicd package.  My laptop has an
Atheros card and the kernel/udev/hal loads the ath5k module on system
start and wicd takes it from there.  One must be careful to follow the
instructions in /usr/share/doc/wicd/README.Debian to the letter.

the wicd package is in Sid (Unstable) and Squeeze (Testing) and I think
a backport exists for Lenny (Stable).  Enjoy!

- Nate >>


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