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Re: Security.debian.org confused?

Jaime Di Cristina wrote:
> I think that there is something wrong with security.debian.org.  A
> couple of days ago I did "aptitude update" and the updates did not come
> in until the third time i did "aptitude update",  I then installed the
> update as normal (never got an error).  Then I checked to see if the
> corresponding files were on the 3 IPv4 mirrors, they were.  I don't
> think that the mirrors were synchronized at the same time that I was
> trying to install the update.  And I know of someone else that saw that
> same behavior around that same time.

Reading this thread made me realize I haven't seen an update for Sid in
2 full days. Perhaps something else is going on.

I use ftp.us.debian.org

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