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Re: Recommended Linux Backup

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lrhorer wrote:
> Other than tar and rsync, I have never used any Linux backup utilities,
> and I am looking for recommendations.  I would like an open source
> solution which will do the following:
> 1. Back up to removable hard drives
> 2. Span multiple target volumes
> 3. Maintain a virtual fileysystem so all snapshots look like a single
> backup to the user.
> 4. Maintain an easily monitored index so the user can see which drive
> will be needed for a particular backup or restore operation.
> 5. Be able to easily rebuild the index and virtual file system from the
> backup drives (preferebly just one drive) if the database is lost on 
> the source system.

Given that no-one came up with a simple suggestion that fulfills your
requirements and none of the large number of backup packages available
seems to fit the bill, I think that Paul's suggestion to change your
requirements was not inappropriate.

If I were you, I'd buy an usb hub and housings/adapters for all the usb
disks required for the backup. Then I'd combine them to a lvm or raid0
and use *rsync* or a similar tool to backup the system to all disks
attached at once.

The only other /practical/ option that /I/ can think of is to buy
another machine similar or identical to the production one and use that
for backup, again using rsync or a similar tool.


NB: Have you thought about how much work and how long it will take to
*verify* your backup, if it is spread over so many disks, each attached
(I strongly recommend to verify one's backup occasionally.)

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