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Re: squeeze - pycentral segmentation fault

Oh, I still get these errors, but only by passing parameters to the
program, not by running the program without parameters...

2009/10/26 Finn Wilke <wilkefi@googlemail.com>:
> Sorry, I fixed this by reinstalling the package python-central (using
> "apt-get install --reinstall python-central")
> 2009/10/26 Finn Wilke <wilkefi@googlemail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> I have a Debian squeeze vServer. I recently upgraded to squeeze (from
>> lenny) and since then (I think it was caused by the upgrade, but I'm
>> not completely sure) running "pycentral" with any commands causes a
>> segmentation fault. As you can guess this breaks many postinstall and
>> prerm scripts. I can't install or uninstall those packages except when
>> I remove the references to pycentral which is really not a solution.
>> The kernel log shows something like this:
>> pycentral[27790]: segfault at 000000000816b000 rip 000000000816b000
>> rsp 00000000fff4183c error 14
>> Does anyone have any idea on this error? I really don't think this is
>> a hardware error because It's a vServer and this only occurs by
>> running pycentral. Even though the address doesn't change (always
>> 000000000816b000)
>> Finn

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