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Re: Grub2 Question

Sjoerd Hiemstra wrote:
Op Fri, 23 Oct 2009 13:07 -0400 Wayne wrote:
   When I select the kernel entry in the grub2 selection screen, the
next screen contains a message of some sort.  It clears so fast I
can't read much of it.

   Can anyone tell me, 1. how to get that page to display longer or
2. Just what is that page for, being that it can't be read?

Answer to 1: press the Pause button.  Then Enter to continue.


Thanks!  I can't remember how many years ago since I last used that key.

For others having the same problem, the message says that the vga=xxx
option is going away. Then it says to add the set gfxpayload=Your resolutionx24,your resolution. A search for grub(2) only turns up changlogs saying that it (gfxpayload) has been added.

It doesn't say where you do this though.  A google search turned up
a solution <http://harrison3001.blogspot.com/2009/09/grub-2-graphical-boot-tips-to-set.html>
which did work, pretty much.

The problem is that console-setup no longer works as before on my console. My X resolution is 1650x1050, I want that for my consoles
as well.  The current grub2, with the above fix, does not provide that.

Hope this helps someone else.


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