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mkinitramfs problem (physical to virtual)


I try to move a physical machine to a virtual one, but i have some
problems with disk drivers.
I'm able to startup the virtual machine after copying files but after
some time there is a message displayed like "waiting for root file
system"... And failing bask to  a small shell where i'm unable to
found any  /dev/sd* file.

In fact, the source computer is made of sata controler (source cmpter)
and the vmware worstation (dest computer) use a scsi lsilogic
On the source machine, i try to build a new ramfs with right disk
drivers. But i modify /etc/initramfs-tools/modules to add new drivers
like that :

and ran :
 mkinitramfs  -o /path/to/file

after copying that file on the destination computer, changing
/boot/grub/menu.lst nothing more happen !

Someone have any idea what i'm missing ?

Thanks for your help.

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