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Re: Debian 5

On 20091022_095833, Tanco . wrote:
> Which rare intel CPUs?
> p4 core2duo , p4 D series processors.. got nothing
> however even if the cpu version is wrong..
> the start screen should show up?
> I get completely nothing from the Install?


I think all Debian install disks are configured to boot on the target
hardware. They contain boot sector information which includes
executable machine code for the target cpu. The OS that they load onto
the hardware can only function on the target hardware type. On your
hardware, ia64 machine code crashes well before it is in any condition
to issue an error message, much less paint a multicolored screen

It is misleading to suggest that the problem is that ia64 is a rare
or unpopular or whatever architecture. Try the CD for PowerPC
architecture, or for ARM. I think you will experience the same
behavior (that is if you are not actually using PowerPC or ARM ;-)


> ?????????????? ???????????? wrote:
>> Tanco wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am writing to report that the ia64 dvd image is broken,
>>> somehow after about 3-4 separate downloads none of the images was  
>>> bootable,
>>> you put the DVD in / mount it to vbox , the power on and nothing  
>>> happends ,
>>> then the system hangs..
>>> after that i downloaded the i386 img and installed the 32 bit version,
>>> this is actually an old issue,
>>> It happend to me somewhere before the official release but I didn't  
>>> give it much thought
>>> since it was still in rc.
>>> but now I think it is a big issue...
>>> best regards
>>> Tanco
>> I guess you already know that ia64 arch is for some rare special Intel  
>> CPUs. Are you 100% positive that you don't want amd64 instead?
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