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Re: Configuartion of Icedove under Lenny

Wayne wrote:
Klaus Jantzen wrote:

how can I configure Icedove  to show in the message folder tree  not
only the
number of unread messages in the folders but also the total number of
messages in the respective folder.

Thank you.


On my Icedove in Lenny

At the top of the Folder list there are 4 headers, the far right being
Size.  To the right of that is a small box with a down arrow that when
you click on it shows 2 items you chan enable/disable. Totals is one of
those options.

Hope this helps.


That gives me the total number of messages in a thread.
What I am looking for is the total number of messages in a message folder.
In Firefox this is shown in the folder tree on the left hand side as e.g.

Inbox(21)    300

meaning that there are 21 unread messages and 300 in total in that folder.


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