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transparent mode printing in Debian

Hi all

I hope i get some light in this. I have Pro5 running in Debian and in SCO and no problem at all, BUT, when it comes to printing it's a different story. Why is that, simply because all the terminal emulator software runs on Windows, Qvt Term to be more exact.

Here is my problem. In the conf file from the PRO5 you can define a printer that when selected from PRO5 app it sends printing to the actual tty. The line in the config is something like this

ALIAS P99 "> tty"

where P99 is the name the printer is known inside the pro5 app, which is redirected to the terminal "tty" from which the connection originated.

Now, in the term emulator software qvt Term there is an option "Transparent mode printing" which all it does is receiving the printing and call the windows printing manager to pick a printer in the PC, so far so good, but

Is the a way to do the same thing but in Debian/Linux, till now there is no such feature in any term emulation software.

Any hints ???


 Rodrigo Valenzuela

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