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Problems with wd_keepalive


I have problem with 'watchdog' package, especially with wd_keepalive daemon. It looks like that wd_keepalive is enabling the watchdog at boot time but then it is NOT sending any data to it. The consequence of this, in case the 'watchdog daemon' is not started very soon, is a server reboot on boot time without a reason. The problem can be easily reproduced:

1.) Enable watchdog and set it to watch /dev/watchdog .
2.) Slow down the boot up process. You can do this by breaking any application so the init script will be waiting for it (and printing lots of dots). I'm using MySQL server for this - just set the PID file to non-existing directory.
3.) Watch the hard reboot of server on boot time.

I consider this a very serious problem cos it can put the server into unbootable stat - if you will follow my instructions above, you will be getting infinite loop of rebooting (don't worry, fix it via single user mode).

Can anyone other confirm this bug ? Thnx.


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