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Re: debian disk is dying

In article <[🔎] alpine.BSF.2.00.0910172230400.45439@freire1.furyyjbeyq.arg> you wrote:
> The hardware needs to be returned to the factory for a warranty-covered 
> replacement.  I have an esata docking station and an esata hard drive I 
> can put this system on though.  I'm using the command line and figure I'll 
> probably end up using cpio to do the backup.  What maybe could be a 
> problem with cpio are the /dev /proc /pts and another directory tree that 
> needs all of its directories to copy over empty so when the system starts 
> up for the first time on the usb interface it will create its own files 
> inside those directory trees.  I don't know how to get cpio to create 
> those directories or directory trees but not copy existing files off the 
> dying disk into those directories.  I did download dar and could use it 
> but would prefer to just have a complete mirrored backup I can run once 
> the dying disk is removed.  If it helps any, this is an AMD processor 
> equipped machine.  I read about the need for the directory trees being 
> created empty in the dar tutorial.

I saw this command on the Debian list about 10 years ago
and have been using ever since:

cd /
find . -xdev | cpio -vdump /mnt

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