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Re: udev rule doesn't fire when device is removed

andy baxter wrote:

I am trying to get fluidsynth to start and connect itself automatically when a usb midi keyboard is plugged in, and to stop when it is removed. The connecting script works fine, and the rule to trigger when it is plugged in fires OK, but when I remove the device, the rule doesn't trigger again.

The rule I was using is:
ATTR{manufacturer}=="EDIROL", ATTR{product}=="PCR", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/fluidrun"

With this, it detects connections but not disconnections.

I have also tried separating the two rules, like this:

ACTION=="ADD", ATTR{manufacturer}=="EDIROL", ATTR{product}=="PCR", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/fluidrun"
ACTION=="REMOVE", DRIVER=="snd-usb-midi", RUN+="touch /tmp/udevtest"

But the second rule still doesn't fire on removal as I was hoping it would.
I have also tried with these rules:

whale:/etc/udev/rules.d# cat 85-fluidsynth-midi.rules
ACTION=="add", ATTR{manufacturer}=="EDIROL", ATTR{product}=="PCR", ENV{edirolmidi}="%p", RUN+="/bin/touch /tmp/midiadd"
ACTION=="remove", ENV{edirolmidi}=="%p", RUN+="/bin/touch /tmp/midirem"

Which still don't work for me - midiadd is created when you plug the keyboard in, but midirem isn't when you unplug it.

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