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Re: starting Idesk automatically in IceWM on Lenny

On Friday 16 October 2009 13:06:42 Tim Clewlow wrote:
> > But there is still this grey greying out grid over everything
> > instead of a
> > desktop with icons that are not covered by a grid of any kind!
> And
> > if I
> > use .bash_profile to start X and then start idesk from a terminal
> I
> > get a
> > fully functional system with a proper desktop.  It is the trying
> to
> > start
> > idesk automatically that seems to cause the problem. :-(
> > Thanks again,

> Ok, make sure you have a directory called .idesktop, ie create it
> with:
>     mkdir ~/.idesktop

I already have this directory - the instructions I followed initially said to 
create the directory and copy the config files there, which I have done.
I have also tried to solve the desktop problem by altering the background, but 
to no avail.

> and then kill X <ctrl><alt<backspace> and then start is again
> 'startx' - I'm hoping this means you now have an idesk icon. Will
> fix the background and mouse after this.

So I just restarted X again, and although I have literally not touched the 
computer since that last time when it failed, it started up with a functional 
desktop but covered with this grid.  So I restarted X a few more times and it 
seems to have reached that situation fairly stably.  I also tried a reboot - 
it booted to the command line, I entered startx, and the system started 
fine - just with this grey grid over everything.

As I say, it is starting idesk automatically that seems to cause the problem.  


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