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Raid help needed !

Hi, All
For over two years, I have used /md0 as / and /md1 under lvm2 with 7
partitions on this amd64 system.  I have migrated from "etch" to
"squeeze" without undue problems.  BUT, now I cannot boot either kernel
2.6.30-1 or 2.6.30-2 with grub2, it fails by not finding or identifying 
my swap partition.  It is one of the seven partitions on /md1.  I can
boot 2.6.26-2 without error. I have looked at list archives and googled
but nothing helped.  Since I have had minimal problems to this point, I
am not fluent in mirroring commands. My reading of mdadm & lvm manpages
doesn't seem to address swap issues.  Can someone point me in the
right direction???

TIA,  Jack   

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