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mplayer: jumping around

Dear all
Recently I encountered this nasty, aggravating behaviour in mplayer:
moving the computer (say, creating a little vibration by knocking on
the table, or simply moving a muscle when on my laps) will cause
mplayer to scroll forwards or backwards (any of the available 10 or 60
sec, or 5 min). At times it continues like this until the
end/beginning of the file. Many times it seems to appear randomly,
perhaps on earth quakes or when a heavy truck passes in the

I suspect that the behaviour is caused by the accelerometer that
should be present on the notebook, the one that should catch
out-of-norm accelerations, shut down the hard drive and prevent data
loss. I was once curious on how this works on Linux, and installed
couple of packages similar to hdapsd and hdaps-utils. Since I removed
these, without any change in mplayer behaviour. As a final note,
mplayer looks like the only misbehaving application. Oh, and all this
happens on an HP Pavilion dv3.

Any ideas on how to work around this issue? Thank you

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