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Re: SOLVED! was Re: Further to fast booting for a debian system - changing getty to rungetty

On Friday 09 October 2009 17:45:28 Michael Wagner wrote:
> * Lisi <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> 09.10.2009
> > For the archive this is how I did it:
> Hello Lisi,
Hello Michael,

> much work for such an easy task. 'rungetty' is in my opinion good for
> autologin in the console. For the autostart of a user straight into the
> windowmanager you can manage it for example with 'gdm = GNOME Display
> Manager'. In his settings you can specify one user for autologin.

Yes - but that means having gdm installed!  And once I had sorted out (with a 
lot of help and on a spare computer!) how to do it, it was very quick and 
easy.  My husband now has a system that will boot from switch-on to desktop 
in 32s.  (When he was complaining earlier it was taking 1m40s, so I am hoping 
that he will be pleased.)

"All" I have to do now is put the required icons on the desktop using idesk, 
and work out how to have a shutdown icon.


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