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Iceape video problem

I have two computers with uptodate Squeeze sytems including gdm, icewm
and the iceape suite.  In one system the iceape browser can play youtube
videos, in the other system cannot.

The system that cannot play youtube videos has installed same plugins
for iceape as the system which can play the videos.  The system that
cannot play youtube videos has three additional plugins installed -
Adobe Reader 9.1, Java plugin 1.6.0-14 and Java plugin 1.6.0-16.

I thought perhaps the presence of two Java plugins might be a problem
and tried to remove the earlier one. I found a reference which said that
a plugin could be removed by deleting the file listed for the plugin.  I
found a directory /usr/lib/java-6-sun- and in one of its
subdirectories the file libnpjp2.so.  I deleted the base directory and
all subdirectories and files.  

There is, of course, a directory /usr/lib/java-6-sun- and one of
its subdirectories contains a file libnpjp2.so.  In
/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins there is a symbolic link to this file.

In spite of this change the list of iceape installed plugins continues
to include Java plugin 1.6.0-14 and the system still cannot display
youtube videos.

The problem does not seem to be with gdm and icewm as it is possible to
open a terminal window and play a video with the command totem test.flv.

I have beat my head against this problem for two days now and still have
no clue as to the difference between the two systems.

Any suggests as to where to look would be greatly appreciated.


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