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Network disconnection on lenny


I installed debian lenny, and now i have disconnection problems (ssh, xdmcp, pgadmin,....)
It isn't disconnection because inactivity.

my config :
- Dell R410 (intel Xeon E5504, 4Go ram)
- install lenny 5.0.3 version i386
- kernel linux 2.6.30-bpo.1-686 (upgrade needed because installation of network card firmware
- network card NetXtremeII BCM5716 (firmware-bnx2 - 0.17-bpo50+1)

Basic Test :
From my workstation, I connect to the server with putty. Then, I launched a ping on my workstation. I do the same thing with a seesion opened on the server. After 10 minutes, putty displays the message "Network error: Software caused connection abort". At same moment, the ping launched from the session opened on the server stop. And after 30 seconds, the ping continues and I'm able to reconnect with putty.
When i do a netstat, the tcp connection is present.

Could somebody help me ?


PS : sorry for my basic english

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