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Re: How many processors and RAM does debian kernel 2.2.26-686 support?

surreal wrote:
How many processors does Debian Kernel 2.6.26 (686) support? Whats the maximum RAM supported without bigmem addon?

The second question: about 3.6 GB

The first question: Depends on whether you use a stock kernel or a custom one. Stock is probably 16 cores. Theoretical max is probably 4096.

With PAE extentions, any kernel can in theory support much larger amounts of memory (with extra work on your part, and a custom and patched kernel), but you are probably better off if you need more than about 3.0 GB to use the bigmem kernel or go AMD64.

Note: To remind you, AMD64 means not only AMD processors, but Intel x86_64 as well.

Mark Allums

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