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Re: testing system updates: how often?

Liviu Andronic wrote:
> Dear all
> How often do you update your testing? I noticed that leaving your
> system as is for couple of weeks and about 200 packages would be
> available for updates. I would like to know what would be the
> "optimal" updating frequency that would minimise breakages. In the
> Gentoo world, it was often suggested not to leave your system
> out-of-date for too long.
> Thank you
> Liviu
Hi, I guess there will be as many different answers as testing users on
the list, but for me it's (nearly) daily on my desktop, at least once a
week on my laptop. I prefer to deal with one breakage at a time rather
than throwing 200 packages in one shot, and then wonder why this or that
is misbehaving (not saying that it happens often, but it does happen).
It also makes the (careful) reading of "apt-listbugs" and
"apt-listchanges" output easier.
On the other hand hitting the mirrors more often may not be to their


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