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Re: Debian Testing and ext4 :?

Szymon G wrote:
I've got question: can i install Debian Squeezy (installed from one of
those cds http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/daily-builds/daily/arch-latest/amd64/iso-cd/
) be installed properly on ext4 (with seperate /boot on ext3)? i mean:
will it boot properly etc etc?
just wanna ask before i'll download it and format my harddrive :)


Get the DVD if you can, instead of the CD.  It can be useful.

If you want to do something that requires an older kernel, ext4 will be problematic. This may be true for mdraid and lvm2, too, as well as ext4.

Especially if you have an interest in Xen, as a suitable dom0-capable kernel may not be available in 2.6.29, or 2.6.30. Otherwise, back up your data and go for it (in that order). Oh, and use grub2, and if you roll-your-own kernel, try to not use an initrd, that simplifies things a bit.

(I have /boot and / as ext3, and /home as ext4.)

btrfs is coming along. Keep a eye out for it. If a filesystem came along that combined the best of ZFS and btrfs, I'd convert in a heartbeat.

Mark Allums

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