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ksmserver doesn't start after updating KDE to 4.3

I'm using squeeze, full-upgrading it constantly.

I have installed Debian formely in August. Current version of KDE in
testing was 4.2 then and KDE was work normally.

At the beginning of the last week I have full-upgraded the distribution.
KDE has been updated to 4.3 correspondingly. Then (after KDM logon desktop) KDE ceases to start :-(.

After 1st logon attempt it throws out to logon desktop. After 2nd attempt and next a box "Cound not start ksmserver. Check your installation" appears.

When I try to start ksmserver manually from console segmentation fault occurs.

Some information about my system:

distribution: squeeze, uptodate
kernel: package linux-image-2.6-686, ver. 2.6.30+20
x: package xserver-xorg, ver. 1:7.4+4
kde: version of kdebase-workspace-bin package is 4:4.3.1-1

There is my /home/ directory on a separate patition on NTFS! I'm using "ntfs-3g" drivers but not from distribution and not even official from www.ntfs-3g.org or www.tuxera.com sites. I'm using unofficial advanced branch from http://www.tuxera.com/community/ntfs-3g-advanced/, release 2009.4.4AR.16 in order to _access_permissions_ will work (it is implemented using user mapping (windows <-> linux)). Can this partition (which store user's profiles & data) cause some problems with KDE? ntfs-3g drivers use FUSE. Can FUSE cause some problems with KDE? Formelly I was having bugs with FAM because of the FUSE. I have escaped to Gamin by reason of this.

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